Hosts Block 1.4.1 Final

Hosts BlockHosts Block 1.4.1 Final | 3.5 Mb

This app uses the Windows Host file to keep you protected by using the MDL or MVPS Hosts files found online. They block things like ad’s, malware, and other stuff found on the internet that are harmful to you PC.

Hosts Block changes the host file to all entries for the online Host Files either MVPS host file or MDL’s host file and then keeps the host file updated on your PC when there is a new update

Hosts Block 1.4.1 Final will auto check every 8 hours for updates for the Host file and update the Host file if needed.

Whats New:
Added – The ability to use other tools to edit the windows hosts file. When added the new entries are added into Hosts Block Custom Entries. Note: To remove the new entries added by the other tool you will need to remove them from there.
Added – Email Alerts for Active protection. You will now able at to setup email alerts for both alerting and Silent modes. This is in the options menu.
Added – Search functions to both Custom Entries and Exclusions Lists.


Download: Server – 1

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