k2pdfopt 2.33a Portable

k2pdfopt 2k2pdfopt 2.33a Portable | 21.7 Mb

K2pdfopt is a tool to optimize PDF/DJVU files for use on mobile e-readers. It comes with presets for popular Kindle and Nook devices as well as an option to create custom presets for your device or smartphone.Unlike some other tools, K2pdfopt does not simple resize the PDF file to fit your device display but attempts to re-flow the text to provide and optimize reading experience.

Other features include options to customize the ouput by setting crop margins, rotating pages, straighten (scanned) pages, OCR support, and more. K2pdfopt can batch process multiple PDF/DJVU files at once.

Whats New:
V2.33a OCT 2015
– Fixed MS Windows GUI bug where preview page controls were missing.


Download: Server – 1

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